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Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line for Ultralight Fishing

– Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $20.

– For ultralight fishing, use 2 – 6 lb. test.



**See Availability and Prices**

Product Specifications

Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon line is a new player in the Western fishing market.  Coming straight out of Japan it has its roots laid deep into the angling world because of the reputation it has developed as a high end fluorocarbon fishing line.  When it came to the US and started bagging big largemouth bass anglers knew it was here to stay.  Sunline formulated the line with the stealth capabilities of a sniper, making it nearly invisible with a high level of specific gravity that makes it ideal for picking off big fish in deep waters.  The Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon line provides you with outstanding durability, high tensile and knot strength, low water absorption to retain its strength and a small diameter rating to help get the line off the spool in large amounts:  all qualities that ultralight anglers need from their fishing lines.

What I Think

Sunline’s Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon line is everything an ultralight angler needs without the common problems associated with most fluorocarbon fishing lines.  It is nearly invisible, greatly increasing your chances of catching line weary fish, and has a super high tensile strength so you know you aren’t going to be losing fish or baits when you set the hook or bang the bait into structure and cover.  The high strength to diameter ratio makes it easy to spool up a large amount of line and still maintain the ability to make super long casts to targets that may be across the water.

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