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Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Line for Ultralight Fishing

– Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $18.

– For ultralight fishing, use 2 – 6 lb. test.



**See Availability and Prices**

Product Specifications

Seaguar may be a lesser known manufacturer of fishing products but don’t hold this against them.  They are showing just how strong they are with their InvizX series fishing lines.  The InvizX series lines are designed to completely dominate the freshwater fishing market with a soft, supple design that maintains supreme castability without sacrificing abrasion resistance.  For ultralight spinning reels this means that you get the superior knot strength that you need for tying on small baits and the extra sensitivity required to feel light bites from fish that are deeply buried in structure and cover.  Each spool of InvizX is built using Seaguar’s exclusive resins to ensure the highest level of quality goes into every inch of line.

What I Think

Ultralight anglers are used to respooling because of line twists, knots, and retying lures over, and over again in order to figure out what type of lure and presentation the fish are keying in on while they are out on the water.  Seaguar is aiming to help you get rid of these problems on your ultralight reels by creating a line that is soft enough to prevent line memory but still strong enough to maintain abrasion resistance and toughness along with an amazing level of sensitivity.  InvizX is UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent, high density, and resistant to cold temperatures making it, easily, one of the last lines that you will need to put onto your ultralight spinning reel.  If you haven’t already given it a shot, you might want to order a spool of 4lb test.

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