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P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Line for Ultralight Fishing

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P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Line for Ultralight Fishing

– Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $15.

– For ultralight fishing, use 2 – 6 lb. test.



**See Availability and Prices**

Product Specifications

Can the fishing line you choose really improve your bite ratio?  If you take a look at P-Line’s 100% Fluorocarbon you will have the answer to that question.  It has been proven to improve your bite-to-hookup ratio when compared to other brands fluorocarbon lines.  P-Line’s 100% Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese fluorocarbon crystals which helps ensure the best knot and breaking strength available on ultralight and light tackle fishing lines.  Using the highest quality materials to create the fluorocarbon line means that it is almost an exact match when it enters into the water, making it almost 100% invisible and helps it absorb very little water, keeping it from breaking near the knot.  It’s low stretch allows for a very high level of sensitivity to help you feel the lightest strikes from line weary fish.

What I Think

If you have problems seeing your line when its out, either because of the small diameter or the lack of light refraction that makes it possible to spot, you may want to start using fluorocarbon on your reels.  P-Line’s 100% Fluorocarbon has inherent properties that make it incredibly easy to cast ultralight lures and then watch the line for any light ticks that can alert you to when a fish takes the bait.  Likewise the increased sensitivity will help you feel small pockets of structure that you come across, helping you to slow down in the area and fish it more thoroughly.  Tying P-Line’s fluorocarbon onto your reels will give you the confidence of knowing that you will miss fewer fish and be able to keep them buttoned up when you have to put extra pressure on the ultralight line.

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