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Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line for Ultralight Fishing

– Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $12.

– For ultralight fishing, use 2 – 6 lb. test.



**See Availability and Prices**

Product Specifications

If you’ve ever spooked a fish by casting your line too close to them, or dragging the line back over them then you will love Berkley’s Vanish fluorocarbon.  This easy casting line is designed to become virtually invisible underneath the water and has been proven to not spook fish whenever it is near them.  One of the best properties of Berkley’s Vanish fluorocarbon is that it retains its excellent strength properties whenever it is wet, where most lines will begin to diminish in strength.  Vanish is able to cast long distances without causing friction on your line guides and continues to remain super sensitive even when you’ve got a large amount out into the water.  The design of the line allows for superior hook setting power without worrying about shocking the line and snapping it near the hook eye.

What I Think

The incredibly small diameter of the 2lb and 4lb test Berkley Vanish is excellent for easy casting with a spinning reel.  The line completely vanishes underneath the water and refracts light above the water’s surface to help you keep an eye on it whenever you’ve got long casts out.  If you are looking for a line that is easy to spot when it’s on top of the water that maintains its superior strength even during long casts, Berkley’s Vanish fluorocarbon is a great choice.  The technology that goes into each spool of Vanish makes it a great choice for ultralight anglers because of its supreme sensitivity, low line memory, high abrasion resistance and superior shock absorbency.

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