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Berkley Trilene Sensation Line for Ultralight Fishing

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Berkley Trilene Sensation Ultralight Fishing Line

– Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $8.

– For ultralight fishing, use 2 – 6 lb. test.



**See Availability and Prices**

Product Specifications

Berkley spends large amounts of time and money to make sure they are developing some of the highest end fishing products on the market.  The same technology and revolutionary design that goes into their heavier lines gets passed onto their ultralight lines, making it easy for ultralight anglers to get the best of both worls.  This is especially true for their series of Trilene Sensation lines.  Each line is developed to provide amazingly low stretch combined with a small diameter while still retaining the original strength of the line.  This combination allows you to fish your lines deeper without worrying about water resistance or current and still gives you the ability to easily set the hook without any line stretch.  The Complex Polymer Alloy technology gives you unparalleled sensitivity and control.

What I Think

Ultralight anglers need a line that doesn’t stretch, has a small diameter but yet can still stand up to the rough abrasions that happen when we get ourselves into the thick stuff.  Berkley’s Trilene Sensation delivers on exactly what it is that we need.  The line comes in three different colors so you can match the conditions that you are fishing to.  Use the clear line in clear water, green lines in stained or dingy water and the brighter orange when you need to be able to easily see where you’ve casted and pay attention to any “ticks” in the line as you’re slowly working a bait back to you.  Trilene Sensation is available in 2lb, and 4lb test diameters.

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