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Curly Tail Grubs – Curly Tail Jig Review

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Curly Tail Grubs for Ultralight Fishing – Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $2 per pack. You may be able to get a lower price on eBay.

– For Ultralight Fishing, use sizes up to 2″ in length.

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Product Specifications

Curly tail grubs are a go-anywhere, catch-anything type of lure that belongs in every anglers tackle box.  In fact, these are one of the oldest soft plastics anglers have been using and have continued to work ever since their inception.  When you match the small ribbed body and curly tail up with an ultralight jighead or split shot the results are incredible.  Most curly tailed grub manufacturers provide a wide range of colors so that you can pick and choose exactly what works the best on the waters that you are fishing.  It doesn’t matter whether you are fishing for trout, crappie, panfish, and bass, or even for saltwater species such as salmon and steelhead, or flounder and speckled trout, the action and design of the curled tail grubs are hard to resist by anything that swims and has fins.

What I Think

When all else fails I break out a curly tail grub and jighead.  It is easy to use these small soft plastics to figure out exactly what presentation the fish are looking for when you’re out on the water.  Whether they want the bait swimming fast just under the surface, slow rolled across the bottom, jigged up and down, or bounced back to the boat it doesn’t matter.  Every type of presentation is possible with a curled tail grub and jighead.  The baits are easy to swap out with other colors, too, to help you ensure you are giving the precise presentation that is going to fill your stringer or livewell.

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