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Berkley Micro Power Nymph Review

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Berkley PowerBait Micro Power Nymph for Ultralight Fishing – Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $3. You may be able to get a lower price on eBay.

– Comes in 1″ length size, in packs of 10.

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Product Specifications

Berkley’s PowerBait Micro Power Nymphs are another set of soft plastics to come out of their highly innovative line of trout and panfish lures.  These small micro nymphs perfectly imitate juvenile insects and feature 8 distinct colors, making it possible to find a perfect combination no matter what the fish are feeding on when you’re out on the water.  The small 1” size makes them perfect for casting on ultralight line with a light weight jighead or split shot tied on just ahead of the bait.  The PowerBait formula helps these nymphs out perform live bait and last longer than most other types of soft plastics.  Each nymph sheds a small trail of sparkle flash when you twitch the bait, helping the predator species key in on exactly where you want them to.

What I Think

Berkley’s PowerBait line of lures have been a lifesaver for me on multiple occasions.  When I’ve run out of live bait, or the fish aren’t wanting to chase down my metal and plastic lures, the soft plastics come into their own.  Fished slow and deliberately, the design of these small micro nymphs requires a delicate presentation.  The wide range of colors are perfect for mimicking a wide variety of forage species to help you get hooked up regardless of what the trout, crappie or panfish are feeding on that day.  Attach an ultralight jighead matching the body color of the nymph or a small split shot just ahead of the bait to get it down deeper into the column, then let the sparkle flash, impregnated scent and flavor do the rest of the work for you.

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