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Z-Man Chatterbait Micro Jig Review

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Z-Man Chatterbait Micro for Ultralight Fishing – Recommended for Ultralight Fishing because of Quality, Performance, and Value.

– Retail price is about $3. You may be able to get a lower price on eBay.

– For ultralight fishing, use the 1/8 ounce (micro) size.

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Product Specifications

Z-Man’s Chatterbait Micro is a different type of ultralight jig.  It takes the best features from some time-proven lures and puts them all together in one unique, tiny package.  The standard skirted jighead features a soft split tailed trailer that calls to all types of fish, especially bigger species.  When the skirted jig wasn’t enough, Z-Man took it a step further and added a soft blade to the end of the jighead to increase its fish attracting abilities.  The mixture of various types of lures helped to create a jighead that produces an excellent vibration, wiggling motion, and silhouette in the water that is hard to beat with other types of lures.

Colors Available

You can find Z-Man’s Chatterbait Micro Jigs in 5 distinct, proven fish-catching colors.  The standard Green Pumpkin combo features a dark green jighead and split tail trailer with a pumpkinseed colored skirt and gold wobbler blade.  You can also find the jigs in a solid White with silver blade, and Chartreuse with gold blade, or a mixture of White jighead with Chartreuse body and silver wobbler blade.  Another combo that is available that works great is the Black/Blue with a black jighead and silver wobbler blade.

How To Work Z-Man Chatterbait Micro Jigs

The best way to fish the Z-Man Chatterbait Micro is to cast it out to where you believe fish are waiting, and allow it to sink to the bottom.  Slowly start bouncing the lure back to you in an up-and-down “yo-yo” motion, allowing the wobbler blade to impart the action you need into the lure.  If this should fail you can try slow rolling the bait back just above the bottom of the waters where you are fishing.

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