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Quantum Teton Trout Ultralight Combo

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Buy the Quantum Teton Trout Ultralight Spinning Combo – Rated 4 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $40. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– All the sizes are great for ultralight fishing. From 4’6″ to 7’0″.

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Product Specifications

Each Quantum Teton Trout spinning combo provides ultralight anglers with the close quarters maneuverability they have come to expect and the quick striking action that is needed to land the spooky trout they chase.  The reels are designed with 4 ball bearings for a responsive and ultra smooth feel along with a continuous anti reverse system that prevents any back play in the reel until you flip the switch.  An adjustable front drag and lightweight aluminum spool helps keep the fish connected without worrying about busting your line or dealing with flex in the reel or spool.

The rods are built specifically for targeting trout in back country lakes, but are perfectly suited for targeting other species such as panfish, bass, and even larger catfish.  The high sensitivity, high modulus ultralight blanks are designed with faster tapers to give you a light touch and help present the lifelike bait imitations perfectly.  The quickness of the rod helps you feel the light bites and set the hook almost instantaneously.  A shortened rear grip and foregrip help deliver close quarter dexterity for fishing along shorelines that are heavily covered in trees and brush.

What I Think

If you are an ultralight trout angler you will love both the price tag, as well as the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Quantum Teton Trout ultralight spinning combo.  The lightweight setup is perfectly balanced to provide extremely long casting distances and still maintain enough backbone to set the hook sharply, even when you’re fighting fish in a current or in deep water.

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