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Quantum Micro XT Ultralight Combo

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Buy the Quantum Micro XT Ultralight Spinning Combo – Rated 4 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $40. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– Comes in sizes from 4’6″ to 5’0″. All are great for ultralight fishing.

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Product Specifications

Quantum is one step ahead of the ultralight game with their Micro XT spinning rod combos.  Each rod is designed with an extra light weight, super compact blank that makes it incredibly easy to sling lightweight lures over great distances.  The stiff backbone provides solid hooksets even when you have 20, 30, or even 40 yards of line out from the reel.  Each graphite rod is designed to be as light as possible and utilizes a full cork handle for greater dexterity.

The reels included in the Micro XT combo are built with a super smooth three bearing setup for balanced line retrieval, and a continuous anti reverse gearing for super solid hooksets regardless how much line you have out.  The smooth, adjustable drag does not skip or jump like you may have seen with other ultralight reels, making it perfect for going down to even 1lb or 2lb test line without having to worry about the jerkiness breaking the line while you’ve got a fish on the end of it.

What I Think

Quantum changed the game with their professional grade, tournament level spinning rods and reels and then took what ultralight customers were asking for and paired their high level technology into affordable ultralight spinning rods and reels.  Each setup is designed for maximum efficiency, casting distance, balanced feel, and long lasting durability.  At an entry level price tag that is accessible to all ultralight anglers, it is easy to see how this rod and reel combo can easily become your go to setup in all types of water conditions and fishing situations.

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