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Pflueger Micro Underspin Ultralight Combo

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Buy the Pflueger Micro Underspin Ultralight Combo – Rated 4 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $40. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– Comes in a 4’6″ size. Great for ultralight fishing.

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Product Specifications

The Pflueger 4410U Micro underspin ultralight rod and reel combo is perfect for anglers who prefer to use the underspin style of reels or who have problems dealing with line twists and other issues known to ultralight spin fisherman.  The reels are designed with 4 ball bearings to provide effortless, smooth line retrieval.  The front and rear stainless steel cones protect the internal workings.  An on/off anti reverse system allows you to prevent back play in the reel if you don’t need to play the fish, or to supply them with small amounts of line when they need to run.  The machined aluminum handle and rosewood knob complete the sophisticated look of the 4410U Microspin reel.  Each reel comes pre spooled with 4lb test line so you can get out onto the water quickly.

The rods that are coupled with the 4410U are a 4’6” length one piece ultralight built from high modulus IM6 graphite to provide you with plenty of flex for casting small lures and enough backbone to give you solid hooksets and apply pressure to the fish when they are on the run.

What I Think

The Pflueger 4410U ultralight underspin combo is perfect for getting kids started into the sport.  Don’t let that dissuade you, as an experienced ultralight angler, however.  The design of the reel makes it easy for children to pick it up and start casting ultralight lures, but the high end design of it, along with the rod components make it perfect for experienced anglers, as well.  At an entry level price tag, the Pflueger 4410U Microspin ultralight combo is a great setup that will provide years of problem free use.

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