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Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo

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Buy the Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo – Rated 5 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $80. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– The PFLPRES50 and PFLPRES56 sizes are best suited for ultralight fishing.

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Product Specifications

The Pflueger President Micro ultralight spinning rod and reel combo is a perfect addition to any ultralight anglers arsenal.  The reels are built for crisp handling and big time performance in a smaller, ultralight package.  Each reel features a high quality 8 bearing retrieval system with an instant anti reverse switch to prevent excessive backplay.  The Sure-Click bail helps do away with problems associated with hard casts or heavy hitting fish applying excessive amounts of pressure to the bail during their hard runs.  The machined aluminum handle helps prevent fatigue in your wrist and hands during a long day of casting and retrieving.

What I Think

The Pflueger President Micro setup is great for beginners and advanced anglers alike.  The reel was designed specifically for ultralight anglers, and has some of the features you would find on much higher end reels.  This ultralight combo mixes precise handling with a smooth blend of sensitivity and long lasting durability.  The high end 8 bearing system provides you with effortless casting and retrieval to maximize your light line fun, even when you hook into fish much larger than the 2lb or 4lb line that you’ve got on the reel.

If you are on a budget but want a rod and reel combo that is going to last you for a long time, you will want to start looking into the Pflueger President Micro ultralight rod and reel combo.  The lower price tag coupled with the high end features make it a great addition to every ultralight anglers arsenal.

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