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Daiwa Regal 5iA Ultralight Spinning Reel

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Buy the Daiwa Regal 5iA Ultralight Spinning Reel – Rated 4 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $40. You may be able to get a lower price on eBay.

– The RG1000-5iA and RG1500-5iA sizes are best suited for ultralight fishing.

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Product Specifications

The Daiwa Regal 5iA series spinning reels incorporate features that you would normally find on high end ultralight reels.  Each reel is designed with 5 high performance bearings, and feature an infinite anti reverse to eliminate back play for solid hooksets.  Each spool is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and have a maximized core diameter to prevent flex under hard drag runs.  Daiwa’s digital gear design ensures a perfect blend of ultra tough fishability and optimized speed, and durability.

What I Think

When it comes to the high end reels that keep you from busting your budget, the Daiwa Regal 5iA comes in at #1.  The reel’s 5 high performance bearings keep it running extremely smooth, and is what we have come to expect from Daiwa.  The design of the spool allows you to run line to the lip of it without having to worry about it coiling off when you flip the bail, before you make your casts, like so many other reels around the same price point.  A Twist Buster line roller helps to prevent the small twists and knots that most ultralight reels are known for.  The corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor helps the reel stand up to a wide range of abuse.

If your budget is a concern, but you still need a high performance ultralight reel, you will love the Daiwa Regal 5iA.  You can find some of the same features that higher end reels offer without the extra price tag, or having to worry about Daiwa skimping on other areas to keep the price down.

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