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Daiwa Regal 5iA Ultralight Spinning Combo

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Buy the Daiwa Regal 5iA Ultralight Spinning Combo – Rated 5 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $60. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– The 562U/RG1000 size is best suited for ultralight fishing.

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Product Specifications

The Daiwa Regal 5iA ultralight spinning rod combo is the go to setup for anglers who want smooth performance on a tight budget.  Each reel features the patented Twist Buster system to prevent line twist and bird’s nests and an Advanced Locomotive Levelwind that wraps the line back onto the spool evenly.  The reels are fitted with a DigiGear digitally designed stainless and bronze gear system along with 6 ball bearings to ensure effortless line retrieval and supreme balance.  The chrome plated folding handle completes the professional look of the Daiwa Regal 5iA series reels.

The rods included in the kit are guide rated and are some of the best that you can find in this price range.  Listening to what ultralight customers are looking for from their rods, each blank is built with graphite reel seats and padded hoods to hold the reel securely while still keeping the weight down on the combo.  IM6 graphite blanks provide you with extreme flex and still enough backbone to apply pressure to bigger fish that you hook up with.  The fast action design allows for rapid hook sets and quick, precise casts and features a hook keeper to increase your safety and convenience.

What I Think

If you are looking for a go to setup that provides both effortless casting and a smooth, balanced retrieve, you have been looking for the Daiwa Regal 5iA series of ultralight rod and reel combos.  Each rod and reel is designed by listening to what ultralight anglers are looking for and then delivering exactly what Daiwa promised out of each combo.

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