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Shimano Compre Ultralight Spinning Rods

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Buy the Shimano Compre Ultralight Spinning Rod – Rated 5 stars for Quality, Performance, and Value

– Retail price is about $100. You may find a lower price on eBay.

– The ultralight version of this rod is 5′ in length.

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Product Specifications

Shimano has been around the fishing game for a very long time, and it shows with their Compre graphite spinning rods.  Each rod is built with a high modulus IM8 blank for superior sensitivity, flexibility, and backbone power.  The lightweight grade A cork handles matched with the Fuji exposed blank reel seat help you feel every bump and nibble after you cast.  New Concept Fuji Hardloy guides are perfect for use with braided line, or light mono or fluoro, and prevent any nicks or cuts in the line, and braid from digging into the guide causing valleys where smaller line can fall in and get pinched.

What I Think

Shimano listened to everyone from ultralight anglers to some of the heaviest hitting salmon, and saltwater anglers around the world when they designed the Compre series spinning rods.  The high modulus graphite blank is excellent for achieving great casting distances, while still making sure that you are able to feel the small ticks, bumps, and bites when you have that much line out.  The high end Hardloy guide system and exposed blank reel seat will help transmit every move your lure makes without you having to work or pay super-focused attention to what your line is doing.

Each Shimano Compre rod is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so if you were on the fence about whether one of these ultralight rods would work for you, it may be time to give them a chance.  What you’re going to find is that everything you thought about Shimano in the past is meant to stay there – in the past!

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